What's Happening in the Communications World?


Before You Start Blogging, Ask Yourself These 10 Questions
By Joe Pulizzi (HubSpot)

Sitarting a blog can be a great marketing tool, but it's important to have a vision. Answering these 10 questions will help formulate a strategic plan to create a successful blog.
20 Things You Should Share on Social Media
By Jeff Bullas

Not sure what to share on social media? Here's a good list of the various types of information businesses should be sharing.
9 Ways to Breathe Life Into Your Blog
By Amber Naslund

Amber provides several great ideas on ways to keep fresh blog ideas coming. I love the idea of using Evernote to capture random thoughts and inspiration wherever you are.
Six Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing a Domain Name
By Rohit Bhargava

Choosing a domain name is an important decision and this article provides great tips on factors to remember when going through the process. Make sure to read the comments, which also provide additional insight.
iPad Reviews: 5 Things We've Learned
By Jared Newman

The big story this week was the much anticipated release of the iPad. The Internet was clogged with reviews, future predictions and first-hand accounts, but I preferred PC World's stripped down review of the reviews.
Death of Travel Brochure as Holidaymakers Opt for Online Reviews
By Urmee Khan (Telegraph.co.uk)

The fact that travelers are turning to the Internet for trip planning is probably not news to most people, but this article includes specific percentages specifically related to online reviews. The flashy travel brochure might be a relic, but I still think its important for destinations to have some type of literature to provide basic information and direct travelers to its website.
How to Put Together a Corporate Social Media Policy in 5 Minutes
By Iqbal Mohammed (Futurelab.net)

Although I think a policy should take longer than five minutes to write, this article provides solid information to get a jump start on your organization's social media policy.
Six Steps to Do-It-Yourself PR
By Dawn Allcott (Long Island Exchange)

This article provides a good list of basic tips geared toward small and medium businesses who can't afford to outsource their PR.
Downsized? Fired? Here are the new rules of finding a job.
By David Meerman Scott

Although this blog article was written more than a year ago, I just discovered it this week and definitely think its still valid and timely. It resonated with me because it demonstrates how much social media is changing they way we do everything, including looking for a job.